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It’s a big deal for someone who does not particularly enjoy writing to commit to a blog. Once you have a flow, it’s all good, it’s just the getting there. Aside from which, my mind is not on happy blogging activities. My mind is with Cappi who joined other past doggies last Friday.

For purely self-indulgent reasons I will add this photo. There may be more later.

Anyways, on to the reason I am blogging which is because I have started the 23 Things course from Edinburgh Uni to enhance my digital literacy skills.

To be fair, the starting has been a while in the making. I started ‘Thing 1’ in June and it has taken me this long to get on to Thing 2. At least I have managed to validate the email address via an email account I never use so just remembering the password was an achievement. I still have to figure out how to tag the blog as well but will try that in a moment.

Time now to add a pic of the faithful Casper hound still keeping me company! Oh, ok, and another one of Cappi.


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